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Jumper Cables Processing

All of YEH CHI’s lineups are strictly controlled and audited by a series of SOP.

  • l Production of semi-finished products: all the wires and cables used are in-house produced by YEH CHI.

  • l Design of customers’ products: YEH CHI assigns dedicated specialists to collaborate with customers in solving issues about connector assembly/specifications and requirements of wires and cables/EMI Shielding.

  • l Sample Approval: YEH CHI provides samples based on required specifications and drawings for customer approval.

  • l Processing and Assembly of finished products: YEH CHI has the fully vertical integration for in-house production and quality control.

  • l Inspection: YEH CHI conducts 100% electrical and visual inspections.

  • l Packaging and Delivery: YEH CHI implements the TQC in the complete workflow from IQC of materials,IPQC of production and OQC before delivery to ensure the punctual delivery and reliable quality of every shipment.





彩虹排線 全剝+全剝_edited.jpg

彩虹排線 全剝+全剝

跳線加工 全剝+全剝_edited.jpg

跳線加工 全剝+全剝

跳線加工 半剝+半剝_edited.jpg

跳線加工 半剝+半剝

跳線加工 全剝+開岔+沖孔_edited.jpg

跳線加工 全剝+開岔+沖孔

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