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YEH CHI Components Ltd

YEH CHI Components Ltd has always been positioned as a “Cable Expert” since 1987 of its foundation,with its profound focus on the persistent development and investment of cutting-edge technologies for the machinery and cable manufacturing. Therefore,we are able to provide customers with various types of wires and cables,punctual delivery,reliable quality,collaborated designs and customization.  With customers’ requests and expectations shall we keep making progresses and developing technologies for further growth.

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The flat conductors arranged in parallel are laminated by the upper and lower insulating films by thermal pressing technology, and the flexible flexible cable is formed, which has the characteristics of light, thin, short, small, and flexural resistance;
It can be directly inserted into the special connector or directly welded on the substrate, and can be connected with the WAFER or PIN pin with the exclusive terminal of the flexible cable, which is of substantial help in saving internal space and considering the cost.

The multi-core conductors arranged in parallel are covered with PVC insulating material by plastic extrusion technology, and the formed flexible cable has the characteristics of high stable signal transmission quality, industrial specifications, long-distance transmission, etc.;
It can be processed with connectors or directly welded on the substrate. It has the advantages of high customization, low cost, and fast delivery. It is suitable for all kinds of home appliances, machines, mechanical equipment, etc. applications.

Electronic wiring harness: Use the crimping of electronic wires, flat wires, cables and connectors, terminals and related components to transmit power and signals, and are widely used in home appliances, electronic devices, automotive equipment, industrial instruments, medical equipment, mechanical and electrical equipment. Control equipment...etc. Internal connection wiring.
Provide standardized and customized cable processing: including USB transmission cable, RS232 cable, DC power cable, audio cable, network cable, shielded cable, walkie-talkie cable, various electronic control cables, etc.

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8th Floor, No. 8, Lane 315, Section 2, Zhongshan Road, Zhonghe District, New Taipei City 23558, Taiwan

TEL: +886-2-2247-7835

FAX: +886-2-2247-7780

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