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Cable assembly

Flat Cable Assembly

Provide one-stop customized cable processing and assembly, and carry out full production control through standard production procedures:
Manufacture of semi-finished products→Yeji self-extrudes wires (jumpers, cables, rainbow cables).
Customer product design→specialist service to jointly solve the problems of connectors, wires, EMI and so on.
Drawing and proofing → Drawing surface and sample trial to provide customer approval.
Finished product processing and assembly→Provide pitch: 2.54, 2.0, 1.27mm various connectors (IDC SOCKET, DIP PLUG, BOX HEADER, CARD EDGE, D-SUB, Shrouded Header, Micro-Match) and cable crimping processing, rainbow Wire bonding processing.
Inspection → 100% electrical inspection (equipped with high and low voltage testing machines) and visual inspection of product appearance.
Packaging, shipping → each link is under the control of the whole process, so as to ensure fast delivery and excellent quality.

FC1278 IDC Socket DIP Plug_edited.jpg

FC1278+IDC Socket+DIP Plug

FC1278 Micro match_edited.jpg

FC1278+Micro match+Micro match

FC1278 IDC Socket DSUB_edited.jpg

FC1278+IDC Socket+DSUB

FC1278 IDC Socket Card Edge_edited.jpg

FC1278+IDC Socket+Card Edge熱縮套管

FC1278 DSUB IDCtype DSUB Soldertype_edited.jpg

FC1278+DSUB IDC type+DSUB solder typeHOOD

FC1278 IDC Socket Core_edited.jpg

FC1278+IDC Socket+Core

IDC Socket Box Header Dip Plug DSUB CardEdge Shrounded Header SCSI_edited.jpg

IDC Socket / Box Header / Dip PlugDSUB / Card Edge / Shrounded HeaderSCSI



FC1278 FC1028 IDC Socket 分條 束線帶_edited.jpg

FC1278/FC1028+IDC Socket 分條+束線帶

FC1278 IDC Socket DSUB.jpg

FC1278+IDC Socket+DSUB 鐵片

UL2464IDC Socket_edited.jpg

UL2464+IDC Socket

UL2651編織網熱縮套管IDC Socket.jpg

UL2651+編織網+熱縮套管+IDC Socket

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