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1.    Meet the requirements of UL and RoHS.

All of YEH CHI’s lineups (Flat Cables/ Jumper Cables / No-pitch Color Wires/ Assembly/Processing) are    certified and have passed  low-poisoned tests since 2003. YEH CHI keeps endeavoring to meet all the regulations in trend of the global environmental protection by persistent control in quality and cost for more green products.

2.    Meet ISO-9001:2000 by implementing TQC.

All of YEH CHI’s lineups are strictly controlled and audited by a series of SOP.

l     Production of semi-finished products: all the wires and cables used are in-house produced by YEH CHI.

l     Design of customers’ products: YEH CHI assigns dedicated specialists to collaborate with customers in solving issues about connector assembly/specifications and requirements of wires and cables/EMI Shielding.

l     Sample Approval: YEH CHI provides samples based on required specifications and drawings for customer approval.

l     Processing and Assembly of finished products: YEH CHI has the fully vertical integration for in-house production and quality control.

l     Inspection: YEH CHI conducts 100% electrical and visual inspections.

l     Packaging and Delivery: YEH CHI implements the TQC in the complete workflow from IQC of materialsIPQC of production and OQC before delivery to ensure the punctual delivery and reliable quality of every shipment.


3.    Increase Customer Satisfactions in QUALITY/PRICE/TIMING/SERVICE

Differing from the majority cable subcontractors who outsource all the parts /labors/work YEH CHI provides Win-Win-Win results in Quality/Price/Delivery to its customers and suppliers by its in-house vertical integrationadvanced technologiescontinual R&D investment and well-established supply chain management.

4.    Meet customers’ requirements of specifications and mechanical designs by highly vertical integration.

YEH CHI is able to provide customers with “ One-Stop Shopping” Service by its profound knowledge and experience in vertical integrationsupply chain management and wire/cable trends and technologies. Supply of “Various Choices in Small Volume” is an rare and unique service in the wire/cable industry which YEH CHI can provide to customers.

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