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YEH CHI Components Ltd has always been positioned as a “Cable Expert” since 1987 of its foundationwith its profound focus on the persistent development and investment of cutting-edge technologies for the machinery and cable manufacturing. Thereforewe are able to provide customers with various types of wires and cablespunctual deliveryreliable qualitycollaborated designs and customization.  With customers’ requests and expectations shall we keep making progresses and developing technologies for further growth.

With continual innovation and corporation transformation in recent years YEH CHI has made more and more efforts in vertical integration from the machinery development and manufacturing on top to the wire/cable production and processing at bottom. We thus provide customers with “One-Stop Shopping Service” in the following 3 categories:

1.    Production of Laminated Wires and Flat Cables:

Focus on the production of all types of Flat Cables/ Jumper Cables/ No-pitch Color Wires

2.    Processing and Assembly of Wires and Cables:

Wire and Cable processing and assembly for various demands and requirements in the market.

3.    Production and Processing of FFC (Flexible Flat Cable):

For meeting the growing demands on thinner and finer features of cables YEH CHI has officially started its production/processing/assembly of FFC since 2005.

Firmly based in TaiwanYEH CHI will be the most trustworthy partner for customers to grow with by providing products of  the optimal price- performance ratio in pursuit of speedy time to marketmultiple choices and JIT in the cable industry.

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